The top 5 Essential Oils for your home

People often ask me which Essential oils I recommend they start with. Here they are:

  1. Lavender
  2. Peppermint
  3. Lemon
  4. Melaleuca
  5. Frankincense

Lavender is the most popular and well known essential oil for good reason. Besides smelling great, most people are familiar with its soothing and relaxing qualities. Diffuse Lavender in the bedroom or add to a spray bottle full of purified water to spray pillows and sheets for restful sleep. Or add to bath salts or oils for a spa like experience. What most people don’t realize is how good Lavender is for your skin. You can apply it directly for minor cuts, scrapes, or skin irritations for immediate soothing.

Peppermint is stimulating to the mind and cooling to the body. Inhale directly for physical or mental fatigue.  It is well known for settling digestive upset and for freshening breathe. It is commonly used in oral care products. Promotes feelings of clear airways and easy breathing when diffused. Use on a cold compress or in a foot bath to cool off when overheated.

Lemon is a powerful detoxifier and is uplifting to the emotions. Use Lemon essential oil in a spray bottle of water for cleaning countertops and other surfaces, and diffuse in the air for a clean fresh scent. Add a drop or two to your drinking water to cleanse the body and assist with seasonal respiratory discomfort.

Melaleuca, also known as Tea Tree, comes from the Myrtle family of trees and shrubs in Australia. It has long been used to promote healthy immune function and for occasional skin irritations. Use for added cleansing properties in your daily skin care routines and after shaving. And use on fingernails and toenails to purify and keep nails looking healthy.

Frankincense is known as the king of oils for good reason. There is a saying, “when in doubt, use Frankincense.” Frankincense promotes healthy cellular function and promotes healthy youthful appearance of the skin. Use to reduce the appearance of blemishes and to rejuvenate the skin. It is also helpful for promoting feelings of relaxation and balanced mood. Diffuse during yoga or meditation practice to focus your intention for the day.

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