How do I find the Highest Quality Essential Oils?

When looking for essential oils, it is important to find oils of the highest quality possible. But just what does that mean? What exactly are we looking for that constitutes high quality? Well, most of us would agree, that means the essential oil from one plant, and one plant only, as pure as pure can be, and from the best plant sources possible. In order to find oils of this quality, look for a company that ensures the following:

  • Plants are grown in the habitats that best suit the nature of the plant and provide the best climate, temperature, moisture, sunshine, growing season, and even elevation for that particular plant.
  • Plants are grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, so that none of those chemical residues end up in the final product.
  • Plants are harvested at the proper time of year to ensure that they have had time to develop the fullest potential of their properties.
  • Distillation techniques are used that extract and preserve the properties of the plant in its fullest expression.
  • This means that an essential oil company must have relationships with their growers and distillers so they are confident of the processes used to produce their oils.
  • Testing for purity and potency, to ensure that each batch of oil actually meets the above requirements, the oil can be tested by a variety of means, to ensure the absence of contaminants, fillers, or diluents, and to ensure the presence of the constituents known to make up a particular essential oil.

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