Essential Reading

If you’re like me, you can’t start something new and not read a hundred books about it. I have a whole shelf full of books on essential oils and more on my Kindle. Lots of people ask me what essential oil books I recommend, so I thought I would share a few of the ones that I use a lot and think you might find useful too. Of course there are many other books on essential oils, but these four will form a solid basis for your essential oil library.

Disclaimer: I have used amazon affiliate links in this post, primarily for your ease in finding these books. If you click on the links and buy the products, I will receive a referral fee. You are free to buy them from any source you choose.41W2tWMIpCL

Every essential oil user needs at least one good basic reference for how to use essential oils. My favorite is Modern EssentialsThe first section of the book is a great overview of essential oils. That is followed by a usage guide where you can look up oils to see what they are used for and you can look up conditions and see what oils are good for dealing with them.






Another great book for essential oil users is The Essential Life.  It offers many different ways to incorporate and safely/effectively use essential oils in your everyday life – everything from supporting various health/wellness functions to cooking with essential oils.




Emotions and Essential Oils picks up where Modern Essentials leaves off with emotional issues. “Essential oils play a powerful role in emotional healing. They lead us by the hand as we courageously face our emotional issues….We all hold unresolved feelings of pain and hurt which need to be brought to the surface for transformation and healing”. You can read more about Essential oils and Emotions in my blog post too. Emotions and Essential Oils is a great resource for helping to heal and assist with emotional challenges.





Essential oils are powerful medicine. With that said, there are certain safety considerations you should observe when using essential oils. You can read my blog post on Essential Oil Safety, but if you really want to go deep and get filled up with the science Essential Oil Safety : A Guide for Health Care Professionals is the definitive source for information. This is not your dime-store paperback. This is a textbook. It is big and it is heavy, but it is worth it. Robert Tisserand is the single most respected authority on essential oil safety. He has been studying, researching and writing about this subject for many years.


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