Essential Newborn

What a sweet little baby you have brought into the world! It is hard to imagine that such an amazing creature was formed in your body where it was nourished and sustained perfectly. The transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life is a natural one, but that does not mean it is always an easy one. The umbilical cord tht was the baby’s lifeline is discarded and breathing and eating now provide the infant with oxygen and food. New demands are placed on the repiratory and digestive systems for the very first time. In addition, baby is now subject to gravity instead of the boyancy of in utero life. And the skin is also subject to the drying of air and friction of clothing and other irritants.

As always, be sure to check out safety guidelines and proper dilution rates for use on babies.


Apply a 1:10 dilution of Myrrh to the cut end of the umbilical cord immediately to staunch bleeding and prevent infection. Apply one to two drops per day of Frankincense directly on the umbilical cord until it falls off, about one week later. A salve with equal parts of Lavender, Frankincense and Myrrh can also be used. If bleeding occurs at belly button, apply one to two drops of Geranium oil directly on umbilical cord and belly button. May be diluted.


Apply one drop Frankincense to top of baby’s head after birth for calming and grounding.


Dilute selected oil 1:1 with baby/almond/coconut oil and massage all over body. Good oils for massage include Frankincense, Lavender (excellent for calming baby and for baby acne), and Myrrh.


Five drops DigestZen and 5 ml Fractionated Coconut Oil in a roller bottle is really helpful with relieving gas and reflux. Just apply to belly and massage in a clock wise direction.


Apply one drop of DigestZen diluted with two drops of carrier oil to the bottom of baby’s feet


Dilute Peppermint or DigestZen 1:1 with carrier oil and apply to abdomen and feet. Rub in circular, clockwise motions on abdomen. Fennel can also be applied neat to the center of the bottom of the feet or the heel area.


Lavender or Serenity in the diffuser or on the bottoms of baby’s feet will help with restlessness or fussiness.


PaleoMama’s All Purpose Salve that I have previously recommended for Nipple Soreness is also cloth diaper safe and newborn-safe. The essential oil dosages in this recipe do not exceed the recommendations for a newborn. Find the recipe here


Dilute Lavender 1:1 with almond or fractionateed coconut oil and massage into affected area.

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