Essential Newborn

What a sweet little baby you have brought into the world! It is hard to imagine that such an amazing creature was formed in your body where it was nourished and sustained perfectly. The transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life is a natural one, but that does not mean it is always an easy one. The umbilical cord tht was the baby’s lifeline is discarded and breathing and eating now provide the infant with oxygen and food. New demands are placed on the repiratory and digestive systems for the very first time. In addition, baby is now subject to gravity instead of the boyancy of in utero life. And the skin is also subject to the drying of air and friction of clothing and other irritants.

Postpartum Emotions and Essential Oils

In the days and weeks following childbirth, it is completely normal to experience a wide variety of emotions. Hormonal shifts and sleep deprivation, as well as adjustment to the new responsibilities and role changes and social isolation required of new parents can be quite overwhelming. A mixture of joy, heartbreaking love, sheer terror, overwhelm at the enormity of your new responsibilities, and that tendency to cry at the slightest provocation (like the commercials on TV), is very common.

Essential Birth

Every woman anticipates labor and birth with a mix of excitement and dread. Here are the oils I recommend for labor. Keep reading below to find out why.