Essential Oil Webinars

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Essential Oil Basics

Wondering what all the Hype over Essential Oils is about? Attend this Online Class to find out! Learn what Essential Oils are, What they do, How to use them, and How to choose Highest Quality Essential Oils! Sign up here

Essential Oils and your Emotions

Essential oils have long been known to have powerful effects on our emotions. In this class we discuss why essential oils are so effective on emotions and how to use essential oils to heal negative emotions and support the positive ones. Sign up here.

Essential Oils for Mamas and Babies

Essential oils are a beautiful, natural way to take care of yourself and your children. Come find out more about essential oils and how they can help your baby with issues like sleeping, teething, tummy aches, and diaper rash, as well as helping mama with everything from the baby blues, to sore nipples and healing stitches! Sign up here.

And Look for these Webinars Coming Soon!

Essential Oils for Children

Essential Oils for Men’s Health

Cooking with Essential Oils

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