Essential Birth

Every woman anticipates labor and birth with a mix of excitement and dread. Here are the oils I recommend for labor. Keep reading below to find out why.

Essential Pregnancy

Recently, I’ve been getting more requests to post about using essential oils during pregnancy and for labor, so over the next few weeks, I will be doing a series of posts to cover this topic. Pregnancy is such a special and magical time in a woman’s life. The anticipation of having a baby and growing a family, the blossoming of breasts and belly, the feeling of new life stirring within.

27 Carrier Oils and their properties

Each carrier oil offers a different combination of properties and characteristics. The choice of carrier oil can depend on the therapeutic benefit being sought. Here is a list of 27 oils that can be used as or with carrier oils for essential oil application.

7 more Essential Oils for your home

Once you get hooked on the amazing power of essential oils, you start discovering all the ways you can use them for your home and family. From cleaning to cooking to beauty, for your children and for your pets, for the physical and the emotional, essential oils are great for a myriad of uses.

Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oils are a great way to take care of your family. They come from natural sources. They can help you reduce toxins in your home. They are truly amazing plant allies! Just like with everything, there are some basic safety guidelines that should be observed when using essential oils. While generally considered safe, it is important to have some basic knowledge about the oil being used, safe application techniques and who you are using it on.